Scottevest Essential Jacket, with pockets galore!!

Scottevest Essential jacket
I came across this smart Essential jacket from Scottevest the other day, while doing some research for this site, the main thing that interested me was the excess of handy pockets, 19 in all!!

With a Weight Management System® built into the shoulders, it evenly distributes the weight of whatever you fill the pockets with, making it hard for anyone to see what your carrying, and the PAN (Personal Area Network) System® lets you run headset wires up through the lining and out the collar for tangle-free listening. Lightweight and breathable, it's made of brushed cotton/nylon with a polyester lining and Teflon® coating for water and stain resistance.

It is machine washable and has removable arms for when the weather is warmer, and should prove a winner for travelers, especially traveling to and from America, as there are many flights now that are banning hand luggage, so just load up the pockets, and when you get to customs, just send your jacket through the X-ray machine, simple!
I was hoping to try my jacket on a recent trip to Russia, unfortunately it did not arrive on time (my fault!), so will post my review after giving it a few outings back home, initial thoughts are very good, the fit and feel is fine, and seems to be well made, with pockets for everything except the kitchen sink!

I have since used the Essential Jacket a few times, and have to say it is all they say it is, haven't used all the pockets, if fact, I'm not sure I've even found them all yet, but the fit and feel is very comfortable, even when loaded, the Weight Management System works well!

Magellan's is the only place I know of at the moment that stocks the full range, even though they are American based, they do ship around the world at a reasonable rate.

As for sizing, I am normally a Medium, but have long arms due to my height (6' 1", 40" chest and slim), and I bought a large just to be on the safe side, and it fits fine!

Womens Essential jacket
For the ladies interested in such a jacket, Scottevest do an 18-pocket Essential Jacket, in Sand, Black and Red Rock, with the same great features (have no idea where the 19th pocket went!!)

Men's Evolution jacket
The Evolution Jacket has even more pockets, and is more of a colder/wetter weather version of the Essential Jacket, as it's fully lined.

It still comes with detachable sleeves but also has a detachable hood, and is as waterproof as can be, only the zipper and joins where the sleeves zip on stop it from being fully waterproof, these would have to be taped and sealed for that! Needless to say, it will still probably be the most waterproof jacket you own!

The material is called ENAFF, New Advanced Functional Fabric (I think they added the E to the acronym to make it sound better!), it is a super soft laminated polyester weave, a little like GoreTex, but lesser known as it's quite new, it is lightweight, breathable, windproof, waterproof and environmentally safe, which all adds to the comfort of the user.

It has the same Weight Management and PAN (Personal Area Network) System® as the Essential, and as far as I can tell from the many YouTube videos on them, you can get everything from your iPod/iPhone to a laptop in the purpose built pockets!

Well done to Scottevest for turning the humble jacket pocket into a purpose built holder/case for all our modern day gadgets, 18-19-25 pockets in a range of outer wear to suit all our needs, I've even seen snippets here and there of a 30 pocket solar powered version, where a flexible solar panel across the back charges an internal battery to supply all your gizmo's, wow!...............I'll keep you posted when I know more!

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