Craghopper Kiwi zip-off trousers

Craghopper Kiwi trousers are another favourite, especially the zip-off variety, they are so comfortable and practical, I wear little else these days (trousers that is!)

Craghoppers have a high sun protection rating with their Craghopper SolarDry fabric, 8 pockets to cater for all your keys/change/wallets etc., including 2 security zipped back pockets, 2 security zipped side pockets (inside the normal side pockets) and a handy sized cargo pocket on the right leg, which also has with another zipped pocket down the side, there’s even a mobile phone pocket, so you can feel secure when in a pick-pocket rich environment, in fact, I’m sure that Craghoppers are pick picketers number one enemy (that and a 44 magnum!)

I recently had a bad experience while on a trip, I'm not going to say where, because it could have happened anywhere!
Three friends and I were walking back to our hostel from a nightclub, and we got mugged by 5 local guys, it was not pretty, but needless to say, my Craghoppers prevented them getting anything from me, as they tried to go through my pockets after beating me to the ground, my wallet and passport were both
safely tucked away in separate zipped pockets, one of my friends on the other hand was wearing jeans, and lost his wallet, cellphone and (luckily) his old passport!

The other great attraction to Craghopper trousers is if it gets hot when out on the trail, you can un-zip the legs and you have an instant pair of great looking shorts, no need to take both items of clothing anymore! The un-zipped legs take up little weight or room in your backpack, and are always there in case you need them on those cool evenings or when the bugs start to bite!

Special offer, Craghopper Kiwi Zip-off trousers only £24.95 (rrp £40)

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