Crumpler camera daypack

Crumpler bags need no introduction, they are stylish, very hard wearing, waterproof in most cases, and offer good protection to your valuable electric gear, like cameras, laptops etc.

Made from Crumpler's very own 1000D Chicken Tex fabric with ripstop lining, you are sure to find one to suit your style and practical tastes, as there are many varieties to choose from, they are as individual as the people who buy them!

I have a Crumpler Pretty Boy Back Pack
in green, which has proven good service for a couple of years now, from the deserts of Ica in Peru and the Amazon jungle, to the cities of Tokyo and Sydney, it feels fairly comfortable when full up, with the well padded adjustable shoulder straps, even though it is only of day pack size, Crumpler's never looks out of place.

I like the way it uses the whole bottom portion which is padded, to house your camera gear and accessories, a DSLR and a couple of lenses and batteries will easily fit, and the top half is left for your pack lunch, water, binoculars etc. There is also a small handy front pocket for smaller items like card readers and USB keys.

Here is a picture of the best accessory I have ever found for my Crumpler Pretty Boy daypack (strapped to the front rack)...... a 450cc Suzuki Quad!
Taken in the forest back tracks of South Eastern Tasmania

All in all, it's great that it doesn't look like a camera bag, which often draws attention to the fact that you have a camera, a backpack is slightly less likely to be lifted than a camera bag, as some American friends found to their cost after a once in a lifetime day trip to Machu Picchu!

We met for the first time in an Internet cafe at the end of the day out at this great monument, swapping stories and taking a look at each others photos, after about an hour, we were getting along famously when I realised that I had a train to catch back to Cusco, we said our hasty farewells, I rushed back to the hotel, packed and I was gone!
A few evenings later, walking around the great square in Cusco, I passed one of the restaurants and saw some frantic arm waving inside, I looked closer and there were my American friends having dinner, looking rather too happy to see me! Inside, they proceeded to tell me that soon after I left them in the Internet cafe, their camera was stolen by a young local boy, and all their precious photos of Machu Picchu with it!! After the initial shock, the first thing they thought of was, why didn't they get my e-mail, as they really liked my pictures! Of course I gave them copies of mine, I was only too glad too, just as I hope someone would do for me if I was in the same situation, it just goes to show how vigilant you have to be!

Get your Crumpler backpacks here
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