Leatherman Multitool

I have worn a Leatherman of some description or other on my belt for over 25 years, other makes and types have come and gone, but I can always rely on my trusty Leatherman Wave to get me out of a fix.
The Leatherman Wave I have right now, is the old type (an all time favorite!), which I prefer slightly to the newer one (personal preference) and at time of purchase was in the region of £100, that was about 10 years ago, so I guess £10 per year is not a lot to pay for something that I use practically every day and has a 25 year guarantee!
When people know you wear a Leatherman,
you’ll be amazed at how many times they ask to use it, eventually they will get one of their own, after a few subtle hints, then they wonder how they ever managed without one, and I would remind them..............they used to use mine!!
Here are the two versions of the Wave, my older one on the left, the newer on the right.

The old style Leatherman Wave does not have the locking facility of the new one for the screwdrivers, scissors and bottle/can opener, it has 4 straight slot bits and one Philips #2, the main 4 blades lock on both models, one clip point, one sheep’s foot serrated, one wood saw and a combination file, one side of which is diamond coated. All 4 of these blades can be opened with the handles in the closed position, and a good solid purchase is available for heavy work, they can be unlocked and returned home virtually with one hand.
The pliers and wire cutters are what make the Leatherman Multitool such a useful piece of kit, and I remember thinking way back in the eighties when they first came out, “why didn’t I think of that!”. Since then of course, they have become a household name, and have many imitations, but still remain the best Multitool in my opinion!
There is now a whole range of Leatherman's to suit everyone’s taste, and I will hopefully be putting the new Skeletool through its paces in the near future, so watch this space
Notice the beefier blades, the locking mechanism, smaller scissors and interchangeable screwdriver bits on the new version (belonging to my father).

Whole range of Leatherman's available here!

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Multitool nut said...

Great photos! Wish my camera was that good.

Mark Thomson said...

I love the write up. However you are missing another leatherman wave from those pictures, the leatherman Wave military multitool. http://www.aboveandbeyond.co.uk/.leatherman-wave-military-tool_037447104497.htm

Linda Guillot said...

I love to use leatherman multitool and have leatherman sidekick that I get from meesterslijpers.nl. I prefer this one since it perfectly to my traveling experience particularly in emergency situation. This hand tools has compact size, fit in a pocket, but consists of a number of functions. Easy for me to pull out with one hand such as when I open knife or saw. It equipped with a safety lock to prevent knife and saw inadvertently folded and has a small feature helps not to hurt my hand. It is an ideal tools for me.

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