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Another favourite, is my trusty Tilley T3 olive hat, some say I sleep in it, and sometimes I do, lol! This is a little gem of a hat, not to everyone’s taste I'm sure, but I guarantee if you ask a Tilley hat owner to part with theirs, they will flat down refuse, no matter how much you offer (within reason of course, lol!)

Washable, crushable, high sun protection, classic look (depending on which design you go for), and sometimes a lifesaver!
There is a thin foam liner in the base that helps it float and has saved my head from many a scrape!, a neat wide lace that loops under your chin and round the back of your head keeps it in place in high winds (invaluable), which can be stowed away inside the hat when not needed! It's great for keeping your head cool in the summer and warm in the winter plus the wide brim keeps rain off your glasses and the suns glare to a minimum.

Being a Tilley hat owner is like joining a select club, each member is instantly recognised by their hat wherever they go by other Tilley owners, and usually a new friendship ensues!
One owner in America (works in a Zoo) has even had his eaten by an Elephant....... 3 times!, he later retrieved it each time (I don't have to tell you where from?), washed it, and continues to wear it!!

Here's a Preying Mantis wearing mine!!

There is a wide range to choose from, plus a great collection of other clothing items for the discerning traveler, the Tilley socks being a must have! I have walked many hundreds of miles in all terrains and have yet to have a single blister!!
They might not look like much, but trust me, these are a great piece of kit, 2 pairs saw me round the world in 8 months, washable in the sink every night, and they are dry and ready to go the next morning!
As I always say, “look after your feet, as without them......you can’t go anywhere!”

Get your Tilley T3 here!

Still looking for good supplier of Tilley socks, watch this space!!
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Jocosa said...

But I think I’ve finally found a hat that will take me from the desert to the jungle to the beach … and back to the mountains again. And it’s cute: the TH8 Hemp Hat for women by Tilley Endurables.
tilley hats

David Harper said...

As you can see, my T3 has done exactly that too (maybe without the "cute" bit though!)
Tilley's are the hat to be seen in, which ever model you choose, instantly recognizable by other wearers, I always wave or say hi if I see one!
If this snow keeps falling, I'm seriously considering a Tilley TW2 winter hat, the extra warmth would be most welcome!

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