An update on some new kit that has come my way recently, the Leatherman Skeletool CX, Gerber Pocket Sharpener, Titanium Spork, Tilley Winter Hat and the 7Dayshop 10x42 Waterproof binoculars!

The Leatherman Skeletool CX is a lightweight bare bones multitool, having the usual needlenose pliers, wire cutters, bit driver, bottle opener/carabina, belt clip and a 154CM Stainless Steel Combo Blade, all with a Tungsten Dlc Scratch-Resistant Coating.

First impressions are good, it fits very well in the hand, even if it does look like a handfull of sharp edges, as every surplus part has been swiss cheesed to keep it lightweight, the main blade opens nicely with one hand from a closed position, and is very, very sharp out of the box, so sharp in fact, I had no trouble shaving the hairs of the back of my hand, a test that few others have been capable of!

The half serated blade is better quality than normal, being made of 154CM Stainless Steel and comes into it's own for mariners and climbers, as it cuts rope with ease, and I can see it being clipped on by the carabina in these situations, rather than using the nylon belt pouch (also included).

The pliers are narrower than those on the Wave, with the usual soft and hard wire cutters, and the fixed lockable bit driver is suplied with two double ended bits, one flat and one Philips.

£61 from Amazon

My first Spork (plastic version) traveled with me around the world, but unfortunately snapped in half while in my backpack pocket somewhere in New Zealand, not sure how or why it happened, it had already made an impression, and was well worth the inclusion into my Top Travel Gear list.
I came accross this Titanium version from Light My Fire recently, which seemed the next logical step, not much chance of this baby spapping in two!!

For those of you not familiar with the Spork concept, it has a spoon at one end and a combined short fork/serrated knife at the other, generally it is better if you decide which end you need before starting to eat, as it could get a little messy!

£11 from Amazon

This compact knife sharpener by Gerber is the simplest way to keep all your knife edged tools in tip top shape, it has course and fine grade ceramic rods set at the perfect angle for a razor sharp edge, 3 or 4 firm pulls is all that is needed to bring most blades back to new, my Leatherman Wave was able to shave the hairs off the back of my hand at the first try!
Another bargain at Amazon for £2.49

Tilley have done it again, this time they've made a comfortable winter hat, that repels rain and stains, while keeping your noggin bone dry and as warm as toast.
We all know that most of the bodies heat is lost through the head, and with the recent cold spell, this has done a fine job.
With the hidden fold down forehead warmer and ear flaps, it really does do a good job of keeping the cold out!
I have the Dark Olive, a birthday present from the family, and have to say that it is one of the warmest hats I have ever worn!

Available in Autumn Tweed, Dark Olive or Brown/Black Herringbone from Pack Your Bags for £48.99

I came across these almost by accident, and after a little research ordered a pair, and I have to say I was pleasently suprised!
These days, you normally get what you pay for, so it's always nice when you find something that performs well above it's price bracket, and these beauties certainly do that!

There is no point in compairing build and picture quality with the likes of Leica's, Swarovski or even my beloved Bushnell's, but for this sort of price, they can be forgiven, as they give a clear bright picture, even if the view is a little narrow due mainly to the 10x magnification, it is more than adequate though, and perfect for any traveler on a tight budge.
It really is amazing how anyone can produce a decent binocular for anything around £60-£70, but these guys have found one for under £25, and at that price, they make a great gift or you can keep a pair in your car, a pair on your boat, even a pair for the kitchen, for keeping an eye on the bird life in your garden!

£21.49 at Amazon, and yes, that is correct!

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